How to Get Reviews on Amazon in 2018 - 5 Ways that Work 11 months ago

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How To Get Reviews on Amazon in 2018 - 5 Ways that Work

Let's be real. Getting reviews on your private label products is HARD these days.

Incentivized reviews went away couple of years ago, and Amazon has let buyers opt out of getting email messages. So how is a new Amazon Seller supposed to get those ever important reviews?

In this video I discuss 5 Ways to get Amazon Reviews on your Products:

1. Have A High Quality Product
2. Enroll in the Early Review Program (must be Brand Registered)
3. Ask for them with a Feedback Request Sequence
4. Use an Insert to Direct to a Landing Page
5. Follow up with buyers who leave Seller Feedback

What is working for you these days when it comes to getting reviews on your Amazon products? Tell me in the comments below!

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